Newcastle Buyer's Agent services

Newcastle Buyers Agent offers services from auction bidding to a full buyer’s advocacy service.

Newcastle Buyers Agent offers services from auction bidding to a full buyer’s advocacy service.

Based in Newcastle means we are on the ground daily to find out about the latest listings (properties for sale) sometimes before they are advertised. Newcastle Buyers Agent offers a free consultation to help guide you in the property market. This can give you the opportunity to assess what level of service you may require and if we are the right fit for your property journey.  An overview of our services are below, please complete the contact form or book a time to chat.

Complete search & Secure

So you’ve grown tired of wasting your weekends, you keep missing out or are not based locally to be able to effectively assess the market? This is where Newcastle Buyers Agent can help. The major benefit and advantage is the access to properties before they are advertised. Newcastle Buyers Agent, while independent, maintains connections with agents in all areas to give our clients an insider’s edge to the Newcastle Real Estate market. Our complete service requires your feedback on properties provided and that is about it. We look after the rest. Hear from happy clients here.

Assess & negotiate

If you love the thrill of the chase, like we do but are having trouble getting the deal across the line, this might be the service for you. If you are on a budget but can’t afford not to engage the full services of a buyers agent, Newcastle Buyers Agent will still love to help. This is an unlimited property service.

Auction bidding

Bidding at auction is stressful and a major deterrent to most buyers. For Newcastle Buyers Agent it is a great way to secure a property for a great price (sometimes for less than what you were prepared to pay). For tips on bidding at auction click here.

Strategy session

Some people just need a little help to point them in the right direction. If you aren’t familiar with the areas in the city of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, up to an hour strategy session can determine where you need to be concentrating your search. Contact for pricing.

Buyer buddy

Everyone has a mate that is a real estate expert. But how many properties have they bought? Even well meaning parents are great for moral support but when was the last time bought a property? Newcastle Buyer’s Agent will be your mate in the know. While you have to do the hard work, Newcastle Buyers Agent will be there to advise. This is a per property service.


What are you looking for?

Book your complimentary introduction

Please select a day and time to organise a quick introductory chat. There’s a few questions to answer and it’s important to answer those so that I can best tailor the conversation to your situation.

Please note, I cannot go into specifics about a specific property, locations or strategies, as that is what I am engaged to do.