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Being a buyer's agent or buyers advocate based and operating in the Greater Newcastle Region, including Lake Macquarie, means you will benefit from our inside, in-depth knowledge that only a local can know.

Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Principal, Tiron Manning, has lived and worked in the Newcastle area his whole life gaining invaluable insights. The Newcastle Buyers Agent Blog is designed to educate people who may be considering using the services of a Newcastle Buyers Agent or simply have an interest in the region.

A buyers agent is uniquely placed to provide real estate market commentary as they are communicating with a number of different real estate agents and as they have no properties to sell they have no agenda to push a particular project, development or area. Newcastle Buyers Agent Tiron Manning has been suggested by many within the Newcastle property industry that he is one of the most well connected property professionals in the area. From more than just a clique of professionals, Tiron is connected through the Newcastle Business Club where he was president in 2014; a prestigious achievement which places him in the company of other well respected business leaders including a former lord mayor. Through online he has a reach of tens of thousands through Newcastle Buyers Agent Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Over time there will be suburb profiles carried out including photos of keys features and typical housing stock. These are created and photographed specifically for Newcastle Buyers Agent using Tiron’s extensive local knowledge. Other content that may appear could be republished from fellow REBAA or REINSW members and is often written by buyers agents or buyers advocates located all over the country. The content published on the Newcastle Buyers Agent Blog is largely opinion produced by Newcastle Buyers Agent Principal Tiron Manning or it will be credited to the author. Should you wish to reproduce any content from this page please contact Newcastle Buyers Agent via email help@newcastlebuyersagent.com.au


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