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Monday, 11 December

Hi, it’s Tiron from Newcastle Buyers Agent. I’d love you to check out these videos of my referral partners. If you’ve got any questions, please check out the comments below. I’m Wade Spink from Extra Spark Electrical. I specialise in electrical pre-purchase inspections for people when they’re buying a property. An electrical inspection picks up […]

Sunday, 10 December

Hi, I’m Tiron from Newcastle Buyers Agent and I’d like to talk to you today about how a buyers agent will add value to you in your property transaction. Firstly, a buyers agent is a qualified professional and they usually have many years of experience of working in the residential property market. This can give […]

Saturday, 9 December

Hi, it’s Tiron from Newcastle Buyers Agent. I’ve got some tips for you today on buying at auction. Firstly, be prepared. Make sure you’ve had the contract reviewed by an independent conveyancer or solicitor. Make sure that you understand the terms and the finality of the contract and if you do need to renegotiate some […]