Buyers Agent Fees

Besides being asked, what is a buyers agent or what does a buyers agent do, the third most common question we get asked is “How Much are Buyers Agents fees?” At Newcastle Buyers Agent we have tailored our services to suit all types of buyers and all types of budgets. We can act for you as a buyers agent in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Central Coast regions. Whether you simply need another set of eyes to check out a property for you, someone to bid at auction for you or for a qualified and experienced property professional to help you every step of the way we can help with engagement fees starting at just $550 including GST for a buyer buddy or auction bidding service. We are charge a flat fee for service based on the price guide of the property search. While some buyers agent charge a percentage (which makes it seem like they are incentivised to spend more of your money) we charge a flat fee so you know from the start what our fee is and how much you need to have available at exchange when the success fee is due.

To find out if we are able to help you, why not book in for a strategy session. We can do this on the phone or in person. We will talk to you about what type of property you are looking for, where you are looking to buy, what you are budget is and what you are looking to achieve with the property. If you need to be connected to any other professional services, we can assist with this also. If you require a conveyancer, mortgage broker, accountant or financial planner we can put you in touch with the right person for you. We don’t receive any fees, kickbacks or commissions for this service it is 100% free. Check out our People That Can Help page for other referral partners

If you want more information or to book a time to speak to a buyers agent contact 0438502371 or fill in the contact form