Adam (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

Hi. My name is Adam Britt and we’re at Speers Point.

I’ve actually known Tiron for quite a lot of years. I worked with him. This is the first time that we actually went through agents selling a property and buying a new property.

We had to settle our old property to buy this one so there was a lot of crossover and areas that I was unsure of so he actually helped to make it all run smoothly. It saved me a lot of dramas. I had no idea where to start, no idea who to contact, what to do, so he actually put me in the right direction. Got me some good agents to sell our old property, helped us with conveyancing, helped us find everything basically, so took all the hard work out of doing the process.

Taught me a few things. I’ve grown up in Newcastle all my life and he seemed to know little tricks about certain areas that I didn’t even know about.

Just the ability to get that insider knowledge, knowing that way the agents talk and things like that. Just those little tricks that they have to try and sucker you in, I guess, in a way. He sorta knew how to get over those little humps I guess.

I would highly recommend Tiron for any family, friends or even people I’ve spoken to, I’ve recommend how he’s made the process so much easier.


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