Andrew (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

Yeah, Hi. My name’s Andrew Raymond. I’m 31. I’m a doctor in-training surgeon. My parents had used a buyers agent in Sydney a few years ago when buying a place and were happy with that process.

Tiron came to me at work and made it all a very, very convenient. I’ve never bought a place before. This was my first. My wife and I move around quite a lot so we didn’t want to buy a place to live in straight away so we felt like it probably time to get into the property market and that’s our first investment property.

There’s no doubt it’s the biggest purchase I’ve made to date and it’s a huge amount of money to sink into one thing. I mean I had absolutely no idea. I don’t pretend to know anything about real estate and that was the whole point of getting someone like Tiron who did know the numbers and did know what rental I could get on what property and so it took a lot of the anxiety out of it rather than guesswork and infinite Google searches on suburbs that I didn’t know a lot about.

It was like having a guide to just walk through the process. After a little while you learn to just relax and let him look for you and make your life easy.

I thought that was quite impressive that the guy obviously does his homework, obviously knows about the properties that are available on the market and so even though Tiron’s job is technically finished with us, he still continues to put me in charge with the right real estate agents sorting out building inspections, helping me get the place organised far beyond when his contract has expired. So I’m very impressed with his dedication to customer service.

Some work mates were looking for a place in Newcastle, they live a few hours out of town, I gave them Tiron’s number, no hesitation and I’d use him again myself.


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