Bec (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

My name’s Rebecca Mansfield and I’m a mortgage broker in Sydney.

I was looking to buy an investment property, and I thought Newcastle was the area that I wanted so I just did a Google search and saw some great reviews on Tiron and thought that I’d contact him.

Tiron’s local knowledge is absolutely excellent. I had no idea about the different suburbs in Newcastle or even where to start looking. I would go to him and say what area should I look, this is my price range, what should I do? And he was straight on to it, he knew exactly where I should look.

After sales services have actually been really great. As I said, I didn’t know the Newcastle area so for me, I didn’t know which real estates to talk to about renting the property out, I didn’t know who could maintenance for me and he just had some contact details for me.

100% definitely would recommend him.


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