Chris (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

My name’s Chris Blanch. I’m from Sydney, the Northern Beaches. I have my own carpentry company and I build houses in Sydney for a living.

My wife’s got a busy job. I’ve got a busy job. And time is the biggest factor in it where we just don’t have time to go and look at all the open homes. You know Tiron’s got your back and he’s going to be looking at every single one of them, pushing through the ones that sort of meet what we’re looking for, so that was the biggest part of it, that’s for sure.

Down to knowing what’s sold in the streets that you’re looking at and knowing what infrastructure’s going to come about in the areas that you’re looking at goes a long way because builds a bit of confidence knowing that you’re purchasing in the right areas.

Yes. So, the conveyancer Tiron suggested was Katherine Boyd so he works close to Katherine Boyd on most of the purchases that go through him and it makes it so much easier for you, knowing that they know each other and there’s less stress involved. You know, the whole process has been really nice from start to finish. We’ve bought homes where you had to do everything yourself and it’s just so much work but when you’ve got someone like Tiron behind you, making sure everything gets done properly and one time, and now that’s all come to a head and it’s the day that we hand over and we get the keys. Yeah, it’s a massive relief and we’re super happy with how everything’s gone.


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