Katherine – Boyd Conveyancing (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

My name is Katherine. I’m from Boyd Conveyancing Services located in Belmont.

The difference between a lawyer and a conveyancer is that we study the components of the law that require us to transact and transactions for people. A solicitor, having worked for them for over ten years, they’re usually out in court or relying on their conveyancing assistant to do most of the work, so what you find in dealing with a licensed conveyancer is, you’re actually dealing directly with the person that’s going to be taking your transaction from the start to the finish.

We like dealing with Tiron as a buyers agent. We find that Tiron’s getting in dealing with properties before they’re actually advertised online so he’s able to find a property when contracts are issued but before they’re going online which enables us to review a contract before anyone else has reviewed a contract. Trying to get on pest and building and finance prior to anyone else coming in which can give us a head start if you’ve got a property with a few bidders.

Tiron has a great way of handling stress because our industry can be quite stressful at times, particularly when you do have multiple buyers trying to secure a property. So what I find is that Tiron takes away the stress from the client and if he needs to, he’ll run from one place to the other to ensure the property can be secured on the same day. He has no problems running cheques around and contracts around to speed up the exchange process. Having Tiron there to run contracts around can be the difference between losing a property and securing a property.

I would have no hesitation in referring Tiron to any client. If I was out of the area and I needed a buyers agent I would have no hesitation in using Tiron personally myself.

For more information on Boyd Conveyancing visit https://www.boydconveyancing.com.au


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