Katrina (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

Hello my name’s Katrina Wintle and I’m an accountant by profession. I run a book keeping business.

I found Tiron really easy to deal with. He was very approachable. He certainly worked very hard and gave me lots of feedback and was in touch so it made the whole process very easy.

We’re relocating or planning to relocate next year from Sydney. We don’t know Newcastle very much at all and so local knowledge was really helpful with knowing where the flood areas were, where the rat runs were, which communities were neighbourly, the places to avoid. So Tiron knowing where to look was really helpful.

One of the good things about working with Tiron is he has a whole network in the region and certainly the lawyer conveyancer he recommended was very good. A very efficient lady and I like efficient women.

I believe he’s supposed to stop working for you when you complete on the property but his after sales service is fantastic. It’s still going on and I know I can go back to him and ask for recommendations of local tradesman and certainly if we ever sell, I’m thinking of going straight to Tiron and saying, “does he know someone who wants to buy it?”

We certainly couldn’t have bought a house in Newcastle that we’re so happy with without Tiron. The whole process was not really stressful at all.

I’m very grateful to Tiron for his expertise and wisdom and we’re very happy with our purchase.

Thanks Tiron.


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