Mark & Lisa (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

I’m Mark and I’m a doctor. And I’m Lisa and I’m a doctor as well.

I looked online and Tiron responded straight away. He was the most approachable. We knew that Tiron was the right guy for the job because he’s local and we weren’t. We had only recently moved to the area.

We then met over coffee and it reinforced my initial perception of Tiron and I did not hesitate in signing him on to be our buyers agent in the hunt for our dream home.

He then over the next few weeks came up with a shortlist of properties that were available on the market and also a few properties that weren’t on the market. His connections were essential in finding and identifying this property.

More often than not, he helped us organise a private inspection so we would have all the time we wanted to have a look at the house in relative freedom without the pressure of too many other people looking at the same property.

So after we identified this particular house, that we really liked and really wanted and made an offer, he also recommended a conveyancer to help us through the process. The recommendation was very, very good in my opinion so that we secured the best terms for our contract.

So he does take time and sit down with you. He’s a good listener. So, we don’t feel, we certainly didn’t feel that it was just a transaction. He really cares. Even after we purchased the property he kept in touch with us. Yeah, so definitely, we’d recommend Tiron to our friends.


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