Michael – Hunter Building Inspections (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

I’m Michael Simons and I own Hunter Building Inspections. I do pre-sale and pre-purchase building and pest inspections.

Tiron’s very ethical. Some of the properties that I’ve inspected, that he’s chosen for his prospective purchases have been absolutely fantastic in my opinion.

Tiron’s local knowledge of the industry in my opinion is very good, you know, based on what I see him choosing for his prospective purchases. Good sound advice that I would recommend anyone looking to get a buyers agent, I would be recommending Tiron.

The advantages of getting a buyers agent, I think, you’ve got someone looking at the house for you, so you’ve got independent eyes for example, you’ve got someone that sort of sees it from a different perspective. They can tell whether or not that property is for their client or not.

A good thing that I have noted in Tiron is that he doesn’t put his clients under pressure to purchase that property if we find defects of that report and if he is concerned with those defects, he will not pressure his clients to purchase that property. And from that perspective I find him a very ethical buyers agent.

The next time I’ll be buying a house, I think I’ll get Tiron to do it.

To find more about Hunter Building Inspections visit: https://www.hunterbuildinginspections.com.au/


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