Michael & Megan (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

Hi. My name’s Michael. And I’m Megan and we are in Charlestown.

So we found out about Newcastle Buyers Agent through a friend and he recommended us to him and we haven’t looked back.

Working with Tiron has been a dream. He’s made it so much easier, just the knowledge he has, to getting a house is unreal.

He tooks things into consideration that we hadn’t even thought of. Like in our backyard he thought about the sunlight in winter, how hot or cold the house might be and things we might never have thought of unless we had a buyers agent.

He knew a lot of information about the many suburbs we were looking in, and really helped us to hone into a particular area we were looking at. And to start with, we had few different areas we wanted to look at and even though it wasn’t the same area, he knew different things about each area, and the schools and the shops and all different areas. It was very helpful.

Another benefit of having Tiron on our side was having exposure to places that weren’t even on the market as yet. It was a really good experience walking through properties that weren’t even on the market so it was unreal.

And then in a few weeks time you see them advertised and you know that you’re one step ahead because you’ve already been through it and you’ve seen the perks and you know it’s not for you.

Tiron’s a very easy going guy so we’ve had open houses and house inspections on like a Wednesday afternoon at 4 o’clock and he’d rock up and walk through the house and we’d talk about good things and bad things and he was just really relaxed and he wanted to make sure that we were buying a house of our dreams.

Yes, I’d definitely recommend Tiron and the Newcastle Buyers Agent to help you through the process. Just streamlined everything and just made it a whole lot easier.


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