Nicola (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

My name’s Nicola. I live here in Newcastle and I’m a registered nurse.

We were looking to buy property in Newcastle and a friend of mine said why don’t we get a buyers advocate to make the process a bit easier and then I found Tiron. He answered the phone straight away and the rest is history.

We got Tiron to look for properties before they even got on the market for us and used his connections to find things other people hadn’t yet seen and then from there we found our current property.

Oh Tiron was brilliant. We didn’t do anything and things like if you Google, ‘how to buy a property,’ there’s stuff that Tiron knows that isn’t on Google or in manuals.

Tiron recommended that we get an electrical report on the property, which is $300 and then when they did that they found out the whole house needed rewiring and the vendor actually paid for that. I think it was a few thousand dollars. So if we hadn’t have gone with Tiron we wouldn’t have known that and I would have had to rewire the house ourselves, so yeah it saved so much hassle.

The property didn’t have a fence in the back when we moved in. We’ve got two children and a dog so we needed fencing put in. Tiron knew someone and managed to persuade them to do on the day we moved and took a couple of days and they were really reliable and there’s no way I’d have found anyone to do it at that short notice at that price and it was completely down to Tiron’s connections.

So, yeah. I even text Tiron now and say I need a plumber, ‘who do I get?’ and Tiron knows. So yeah he was really useful.

We have recommended Tiron to various people. Definitely. And if we buy a house again in whatever years or ten years time, I’ll definitely be using Tiron, definitely.


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