Richard – Mortgage Choice Newcastle & Lake Macquarie (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

My name’s Richard Windeyer and I’m a mortgage broker. I work with Mortgage Choice in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area.

Tiron might come across a client that’s looking for finance or not quite ready. As part of Tiron’s role, he’s looking for property but he’s got to know what sort of budget he’s working in, so to know what budget a person has, they need to sit down with a broker and if they haven’t got a broker in mind or using one, Tiron will often refer them back to me. I can sit down with them free of charge – it doesn’t cost anything – and we can throw some numbers around and we can see where they fall and get pre-approval started.

I first met Tiron, it would be seven years now, in mid-2010. He was the agent looking after the client who was looking for finance for a home that they were purchasing and from that time, I’ve found Tiron’s manner with the way he worked with his clients genuine, ethical and our relationship from then has really just moved forward.

He’s just a genuine guy. If you’re looking to use Tiron’s services as a buyers agent, you know you’re going to get somebody who has knowledge of the local area here – there’s no one that I know that has better knowledge – even down to the streets that have subject to flooding when it rains and those sort of things you don’t see in the pictures on

I’ve recommended Tiron a number of times as a buyers agent, particularly for investors; they’re looking to buy in this area but they’re not quite sure where to look so Tiron can help them with that. That’s a no-brainer for him.

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