Rob (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

Hi, I’m Rob Cowperthwaite and we’re in Mayfield in Newcastle.

Tiron was recommended to us through our financial advisor. He made everything so easy, the people he introduced us to, everyone was so helpful. It couldn’t have been easier.

We needed someone on the ground who knows the area, who knows the suburbs, who knows what’s moving, what’s going in the right direction and Tiron was able to add that advice and help us greatly.

Tiron took away a lot of the stress. We’d been talking about this for a very long time – this has been ten years in the making – and it actually happened within about two months of our first introduction to Tiron.

Tiron recommended one of the local conveyancers. We found Boyd Conveyancing. They managed to answer all our questions, all of our concerns and made the process run as smoothly as it could have. Tiron also recommended one of the building inspectors that he uses quite frequently. He came up and told us about the recommendations that we’d get clear before we’d actually move forward and that was worth its weight in gold.

We actually had exchanged on the property today and Tiron’s just bought the keys around so we’ve just had our first look around. Tiron was there this morning. He’s actually a little bit beyond the realms of duty I suppose! And he’s offered to bring us up around tonight because we brought the kids up for the weekend. I’m hoping this will be the first of a couple properties and I’ll definitely be coming back to Tiron again myself to get his expert opinion and advice on maybe where the next one should be as well.

I’ve already started talking to people about buying in Newcastle and have certainly recommended Tiron.


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