Sally (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

So when I first called, it was during the day when Karl was at work and he just seemed like a nice, relaxed and very honest and straightforward.

I think the next day he drove down from Newcastle to Sydney to meet Karl and I and our daughter Poppy and we signed the dotted line.

You know, we were getting to a point where we probably looked for six to twelve months and so you’re constantly looking on Domain and if there’s a new house coming up and then you’re emailing each other, ‘have you seen this one?’ and it was just so frustrating and he just took all of the stress out of it really.

He’d provide a report on the suburb so you’d really understand the socioeconomics of the suburb, schools, lots of interesting information about the different suburbs.

Tiron would go to any number of opens, to houses that weren’t even listed yet for you to go and see if they were worth you driving the two hours from Sydney to come up and look at it yourself.

Not only does he know the area, he knows the locksmith, he knows the removalist, he knows the antenna guy, he knows there’s so many, you know, services that you need when you move to a new town and you can just say Tiron, “who do you recommend?” and he already knows. He takes all the hassle out of that and you just, he tells you who to go to. He doesn’t quit until you’ve got what you need so if it takes two weeks or if it takes, you know, three months, Tiron just keeps going until he finds what he needs for his client.


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