Vikki (Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Client Testimonial)

Yeah, my name’s Vikki Hsieh and I’m an IT manager. So my first impression of Tiron is very chatty, very likable, he’s very laid-back. He really wants to get to understand what your objectives are, what you’re trying to achieve, which I found, that was really good.

Also knowing that he’s got a background in business and real estate himself, makes me feel a bit more confident about some of the choices he would be making for me.

Probably the best thing about using a buyers agent for me was that local knowledge. So I’d been looking for properties up this way for about 18 months and using a lot of online tools now so that fantastic. You’ve got Google, you’ve got all the property reports that you can buy but there’s nothing quite the same as having someone on ground who’s your eyes and ears.

Being born and bred in Newcastle, and having family here himself, it means that he really understands what’s changing around Newcastle as well. Understands the demographic, the geography, lots of new development that’s coming along which is really interesting.

Yes. That access that he has to new listings coming up was really invaluable. It was actually how I found the property that I’ve just purchased with Tiron. Having that prior knowledge of something coming onto the market and being able to act really quickly before it actually even hit the marketplace.

I’ve purchased a property using his services but we had an extended settlement which is great. It gave me a lot of time to get some reports in order, like my building reports, electrical, etc, get a property manager all sorted out so that I could get a tenant in there as quickly as possible and Tiron’s been able to organise all of that for me so it didn’t finish on the day that we exchanged contracts. There’s been an on-going sort of commitment from him right up to handing over the keys and yeah, so that’s been fantastic too.

Absolutely. I’d recommend Tiron to anybody. I’ve just been so impressed. It’s fantastic.


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