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Where practical (and if the client is happy to) Newcastle Buyers Agent will have a testimonial video shot, often at or after settlement. A buyers agents role is typically completed once contracts exchange but as you can hear from the clients below, Newcastle Buyers Agent like to go the extra step to make sure their clients are comfortable and can be assured that no matter when the time comes, they can always contact Tiron for advice or assistance long past the settlement period. Some videos have been transcribed and will have the transcription below the video while written testimonials are at the bottom of this page.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] – Testimonial – Chris

My name’s Chris Blanch. I’m from Sydney, the Northern Beaches. I have my own carpentry company and I build houses in Sydney for a living.

My wife’s got a busy job. I’ve got a busy job. And time is the biggest factor in it where we just don’t have time to go and look at all the open homes. You know Tiron’s got your back and he’s going to be looking at every single one of them, pushing through the ones that sort of meet what we’re looking for, so that was the biggest part of it, that’s for sure.

Down to knowing what’s sold in the streets that you’re looking at and knowing what infrastructure’s going to come about in the areas that you’re looking at goes a long way because builds a bit of confidence knowing that you’re purchasing in the right areas.

Yes. So, the conveyancer Tiron suggested was Katherine Boyd so he works close to Katherine Boyd on most of the purchases that go through him and it makes it so much easier for you, knowing that they know each other and there’s less stress involved. You know, the whole process has been really nice from start to finish. We’ve bought homes where you had to do everything yourself and it’s just so much work but when you’ve got someone like Tiron behind you, making sure everything gets done properly and one time, and now that’s all come to a head and it’s the day that we hand over and we get the keys. Yeah, it’s a massive relief and we’re super happy with how everything’s gone.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] Client Testimonial – Rob

Hi, I’m Rob Cowperthwaite and we’re in Mayfield in Newcastle.

Tiron was recommended to us through our financial advisor. He made everything so easy, the people he introduced us to, everyone was so helpful. It couldn’t have been easier.

We needed someone on the ground who knows the area, who knows the suburbs, who knows what’s moving, what’s going in the right direction and Tiron was able to add that advice and help us greatly.

Tiron took away a lot of the stress. We’d been talking about this for a very long time – this has been ten years in the making – and it actually happened within about two months of our first introduction to Tiron.

Tiron recommended one of the local conveyancers. We found Boyd Conveyancing. They managed to answer all our questions, all of our concerns and made the process run as smoothly as it could have. Tiron also recommended one of the building inspectors that he uses quite frequently. He came up and told us about the recommendations that we’d get clear before we’d actually move forward and that was worth its weight in gold.

We actually had exchanged on the property today and Tiron’s just bought the keys around so we’ve just had our first look around. Tiron was there this morning. He’s actually a little bit beyond the realms of duty I suppose! And he’s offered to bring us up around tonight because we brought the kids up for the weekend. I’m hoping this will be the first of a couple properties and I’ll definitely be coming back to Tiron again myself to get his expert opinion and advice on maybe where the next one should be as well.

I’ve already started talking to people about buying in Newcastle and have certainly recommended Tiron.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] – Client Testimonial – Paul & Alison

Hi, I’m Alison. And I’m Paul.

Tiron came from a personal reference from a good friend of ours. He lives in the local area. He came down to our house to speak to us which was very helpful because we live an hour away from Newcastle.

Having a local person to help, because we’re based in Sydney, has actually made the whole process possible for us, because otherwise, I don’t think we’d be where we are today having purchased a property in Newcastle, especially from Sydney. We’re really happy with the process.

Tiron’s knowledge from having grown up and worked in this area for a long time gave us a huge amount of comfort. We were particularly concerned we were looking at some of the areas around the docks without the risk of flooding and his knowledge of the local area, the risks of flooding, gave us the confidence that he knows what he’s talking about.

Dealing with a buyers agent made things very smooth, easy and efficient for us. It took a lot of the stress away from understanding the local area. We obviously already paid the fee to Tiron but despite having done that, his attention to detail on our behalf and his availability to be contacted throughout that whole period has been excellent. I’ve felt that he’s taken care of us right the way through the process even when his main piece of work is complete.

He’s made the process very seamless, very easy and we’ve enjoyed working with him.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] Testimonial – Katherine – Boyd Conveyancing

My name is Katherine. I’m from Boyd Conveyancing Services located in Belmont.

The difference between a lawyer and a conveyancer is that we study the components of the law that require us to transact and transactions for people. A solicitor, having worked for them for over ten years, they’re usually out in court or relying on their conveyancing assistant to do most of the work, so what you find in dealing with a licensed conveyancer is, you’re actually dealing directly with the person that’s going to be taking your transaction from the start to the finish.

We like dealing with Tiron as a buyers agent. We find that Tiron’s getting in dealing with properties before they’re actually advertised online so he’s able to find a property when contracts are issued but before they’re going online which enables us to review a contract before anyone else has reviewed a contract. Trying to get on pest and building and finance prior to anyone else coming in which can give us a head start if you’ve got a property with a few bidders.

Tiron has a great way of handling stress because our industry can be quite stressful at times, particularly when you do have multiple buyers trying to secure a property. So what I find is that Tiron takes away the stress from the client and if he needs to, he’ll run from one place to the other to ensure the property can be secured on the same day. He has no problems running cheques around and contracts around to speed up the exchange process. Having Tiron there to run contracts around can be the difference between losing a property and securing a property.

I would have no hesitation in referring Tiron to any client. If I was out of the area and I needed a buyers agent I would have no hesitation in using Tiron personally myself.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] Testimonial – Richard – Mortgage Choice Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

My name’s Richard Windeyer and I’m a mortgage broker. I work with Mortgage Choice in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area.

Tiron might come across a client that’s looking for finance or not quite ready. As part of Tiron’s role, he’s looking for property but he’s got to know what sort of budget he’s working in, so to know what budget a person has, they need to sit down with a broker and if they haven’t got a broker in mind or using one, Tiron will often refer them back to me. I can sit down with them free of charge – it doesn’t cost anything – and we can throw some numbers around and we can see where they fall and get pre-approval started.

I first met Tiron, it would be seven years now, in mid-2010. He was the agent looking after the client who was looking for finance for a home that they were purchasing and from that time, I’ve found Tiron’s manner with the way he worked with his clients genuine, ethical and our relationship from then has really just moved forward.

He’s just a genuine guy. If you’re looking to use Tiron’s services as a buyers agent, you know you’re going to get somebody who has knowledge of the local area here – there’s no one that I know that has better knowledge – even down to the streets that have subject to flooding when it rains and those sort of things you don’t see in the pictures on realestate.com

I’ve recommended Tiron a number of times as a buyers agent, particularly for investors; they’re looking to buy in this area but they’re not quite sure where to look so Tiron can help them with that. That’s a no-brainer for him.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] – Testimonial – Katrina

Hello my name’s Katrina Wintle and I’m an accountant by profession.
I run a book keeping business.

I found Tiron really easy to deal with. He was very approachable. He certainly worked very hard and gave me lots of feedback and was in touch so it made the whole process very easy.

We’re relocating or planning to relocate next year from Sydney. We don’t know Newcastle very much at all and so local knowledge was really helpful with knowing where the flood areas were, where the rat runs were, which communities were neighbourly, the places to avoid. So Tiron knowing where to look was really helpful.

One of the good things about working with Tiron is he has a whole network in the region and certainly the lawyer conveyancer he recommended was very good. A very efficient lady and I like efficient women.

I believe he’s supposed to stop working for you when you complete on the property but his after sales service is fantastic. It’s still going on and I know I can go back to him and ask for recommendations of local tradesman and certainly if we ever sell, I’m thinking of going straight to Tiron and saying, “does he know someone who wants to buy it?”

We certainly couldn’t have bought a house in Newcastle that we’re so happy with without Tiron. The whole process was not really stressful at all.

I’m very grateful to Tiron for his expertise and wisdom and we’re very happy with our purchase.

Thanks Tiron.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] – Testimonial – Michael – Hunter Building Inspections

I’m Michael Simons and I own Hunter Building Inspections. I do pre-sale and pre-purchase building and pest inspections.

Tiron’s very ethical. Some of the properties that I’ve inspected, that he’s chosen for his prospective purchases have been absolutely fantastic in my opinion.

Tiron’s local knowledge of the industry in my opinion is very good, you know, based on what I see him choosing for his prospective purchases. Good sound advice that I would recommend anyone looking to get a buyers agent, I would be recommending Tiron.

The advantages of getting a buyers agent, I think, you’ve got someone looking at the house for you, so you’ve got independent eyes for example, you’ve got someone that sort of sees it from a different perspective. They can tell whether or not that property is for their client or not.

A good thing that I have noted in Tiron is that he doesn’t put his clients under pressure to purchase that property if we find defects of that report and if he is concerned with those defects, he will not pressure his clients to purchase that property. And from that perspective I find him a very ethical buyers agent.

The next time I’ll be buying a house, I think I’ll get Tiron to do it.

[Newcastle’s Buyers Agent] Testimonial – Adam

Hi. My name is Adam Britt and we’re at Speers Point.

I’ve actually known Tiron for quite a lot of years. I worked with him. This is the first time that we actually went through agents selling a property and buying a new property.

We had to settle our old property to buy this one so there was a lot of crossover and areas that I was unsure of so he actually helped to make it all run smoothly. It saved me a lot of dramas. I had no idea where to start, no idea who to contact, what to do, so he actually put me in the right direction. Got me some good agents to sell our old property, helped us with conveyancing, helped us find everything basically, so took all the hard work out of doing the process.

Taught me a few things. I’ve grown up in Newcastle all my life and he seemed to know little tricks about certain areas that I didn’t even know about.

Just the ability to get that insider knowledge, knowing that way the agents talk and things like that. Just those little tricks that they have to try and sucker you in, I guess, in a way. He sorta knew how to get over those little humps I guess.

I would highly recommend Tiron for any family, friends or even people I’ve spoken to, I’ve recommend how he’s made the process so much easier.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] Testimonial – Michael & Megan

Hi. My name’s Michael. And I’m Megan and we are in Charlestown.

So we found out about Newcastle Buyers Agent through a friend and he recommended us to him and we haven’t looked back.

Working with Tiron has been a dream. He’s made it so much easier, just the knowledge he has, to getting a house is unreal.

He tooks things into consideration that we hadn’t even thought of. Like in our backyard he thought about the sunlight in winter, how hot or cold the house might be and things we might never have thought of unless we had a buyers agent.

He knew a lot of information about the many suburbs we were looking in, and really helped us to hone into a particular area we were looking at. And to start with, we had few different areas we wanted to look at and even though it wasn’t the same area, he knew different things about each area, and the schools and the shops and all different areas. It was very helpful.

Another benefit of having Tiron on our side was having exposure to places that weren’t even on the market as yet. It was a really good experience walking through properties that weren’t even on the market so it was unreal.

And then in a few weeks time you see them advertised and you know that you’re one step ahead because you’ve already been through it and you’ve seen the perks and you know it’s not for you.

Tiron’s a very easy going guy so we’ve had open houses and house inspections on like a Wednesday afternoon at 4 o’clock and he’d rock up and walk through the house and we’d talk about good things and bad things and he was just really relaxed and he wanted to make sure that we were buying a house of our dreams.

Yes, I’d definitely recommend Tiron and the Newcastle Buyers Agent to help you through the process. Just streamlined everything and just made it a whole lot easier.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] Vikki – Testimonial

Yeah, my name’s Vikki Hsieh and I’m an IT manager. So my first impression of Tiron is very chatty, very likable, he’s very laid-back.  He really wants to get to understand what your objectives are, what you’re trying to achieve, which I found, that was really good.

Also knowing that he’s got a background in business and real estate himself, makes me feel a bit more confident about some of the choices he would be making for me.

Probably the best thing about using a buyers agent for me was that local knowledge. So I’d been looking for properties up this way for about 18 months and using a lot of online tools now so that fantastic. You’ve got Google, you’ve got all the property reports that you can buy but there’s nothing quite the same as having someone on ground who’s your eyes and ears.

Being born and bred in Newcastle, and having family here himself, it means that he really understands what’s changing around Newcastle as well. Understands the demographic, the geography, lots of new development that’s coming along which is really interesting.

Yes. That access that he has to new listings coming up was really invaluable. It was actually how I found the property that I’ve just purchased with Tiron. Having that prior knowledge of something coming onto the market and being able to act really quickly before it actually even hit the marketplace.

I’ve purchased a property using his services but we had an extended settlement which is great. It gave me a lot of time to get some reports in order, like my building reports, electrical, etc, get a property manager all sorted out so that I could get a tenant in there as quickly as possible and Tiron’s been able to organise all of that for me so it didn’t finish on the day that we exchanged contracts. There’s been an on-going sort of commitment from him right up to handing over the keys and yeah, so that’s been fantastic too.

Absolutely. I’d recommend Tiron to anybody. I’ve just been so impressed. It’s fantastic.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] Making Buying a Home Easier

My name’s Nicola. I live here in Newcastle and I’m a registered nurse.

We were looking to buy property in Newcastle and a friend of mine said why don’t we get a buyers advocate to make the process a bit easier and then I found Tiron. He answered the phone straight away and the rest is history.

We got Tiron to look for properties before they even got on the market for us and used his connections to find things other people hadn’t yet seen and then from there we found our current property.

Oh Tiron was brilliant. We didn’t do anything and things like if you Google, ‘how to buy a property,’ there’s stuff that Tiron knows that isn’t on Google or in manuals.

Tiron recommended that we get an electrical report on the property, which is $300 and then when they did that they found out the whole house needed rewiring and the vendor actually paid for that. I think it was a few thousand dollars. So if we hadn’t have gone with Tiron we wouldn’t have known that and I would have had to rewire the house ourselves, so yeah it saved so much hassle.

The property didn’t have a fence in the back when we moved in. We’ve got two children and a dog so we needed fencing put in. Tiron knew someone and managed to persuade them to do on the day we moved and took a couple of days and they were really reliable and there’s no way I’d have found anyone to do it at that short notice at that price and it was completely down to Tiron’s connections.

So, yeah. I even text Tiron now and say I need a plumber, ‘who do I get?’ and Tiron knows. So yeah he was really useful.

We have recommended Tiron to various people. Definitely. And if we buy a house again in whatever years or ten years time, I’ll definitely be using Tiron, definitely.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] – Testimonial – Andrew

Yeah, Hi. My name’s Andrew Raymond. I’m 31. I’m a doctor in-training surgeon. My parents had used a buyers agent in Sydney a few years ago when buying a place and were happy with that process.

Tiron came to me at work and made it all a very, very convenient. I’ve never bought a place before. This was my first. My wife and I move around quite a lot so we didn’t want to buy a place to live in straight away so we felt like it probably time to get into the property market and that’s our first investment property.

There’s no doubt it’s the biggest purchase I’ve made to date and it’s a huge amount of money to sink into one thing. I mean I had absolutely no idea. I don’t pretend to know anything about real estate and that was the whole point of getting someone like Tiron who did know the numbers and did know what rental I could get on what property and so it took a lot of the anxiety out of it rather than guesswork and infinite Google searches on suburbs that I didn’t know a lot about.

It was like having a guide to just walk through the process. After a little while you learn to just relax and let him look for you and make your life easy.

I thought that was quite impressive that the guy obviously does his homework, obviously knows about the properties that are available on the market and so even though Tiron’s job is technically finished with us, he still continues to put me in charge with the right real estate agents sorting out building inspections, helping me get the place organised far beyond when his contract has expired. So I’m very impressed with his dedication to customer service.

Some work mates were looking for a place in Newcastle, they live a few hours out of town, I gave them Tiron’s number, no hesitation and I’d use him again myself.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] Testimonial – Sally

So when I first called, it was during the day when Karl was at work and he just seemed like a nice, relaxed and very honest and straightforward.

I think the next day he drove down from Newcastle to Sydney to meet Karl and I and our daughter Poppy and we signed the dotted line.

You know, we were getting to a point where we probably looked for six to twelve months and so you’re constantly looking on Domain and realestate.com if there’s a new house coming up and then you’re emailing each other, ‘have you seen this one?’ and it was just so frustrating and he just took all of the stress out of it really.

He’d provide a report on the suburb so you’d really understand the socioeconomics of the suburb, schools, lots of interesting information about the different suburbs.

Tiron would go to any number of opens, to houses that weren’t even listed yet for you to go and see if they were worth you driving the two hours from Sydney to come up and look at it yourself.

Not only does he know the area, he knows the locksmith, he knows the removalist, he knows the antenna guy, he knows there’s so many, you know, services that you need when you move to a new town and you can just say Tiron, “who do you recommend?” and he already knows. He takes all the hassle out of that and you just, he tells you who to go to. He doesn’t quit until you’ve got what you need so if it takes two weeks or if it takes, you know, three months, Tiron just keeps going until he finds what he needs for his client.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] – Testimonial – Jos

Hi. My name’s Joslyn. I’m living in Sydney and I work for the public service in procurement. Yeah, I’d actually been searching in Sydney for months really, on my own and it just got to a point where I realised I wouldn’t be able to do that.

I think when I got to the point of thinking about Newcastle and knowing that I knew very little about the area and where would be good to look, it made sense to me to get someone else to do that work for me.

Every time I’ve come to Newcastle to meet with Tiron, who’s actually taken the time to drive me around to all of the good spots in Newcastle. Tiron is just so passionate about Newcastle that it’s kind of infectious and on top of that he’s listened to me and the kind of things that I’ve been into and made sure that he’s showed me everywhere that has good coffee, everywhere that has good beer, everywhere that has good wine.

I honestly would not be surprised if Tiron became Mayor of Newcastle one day. He knows a lot about the place.

Getting a buyers agent was completely positive. I’ve got a lot of friends who have been buying recently and they’ve had nightmare experiences and I’ve been able to come away from this going, no, I actually really enjoyed the experience and I felt completely confident in the property in the end.

I would absolutely recommend Tiron and already have been to quite a few people. I was at the hairdresser the other day having a conversation with someone next to me recommending Tiron to her.

Without a doubt, I would recommend Tiron to anyone.

[Newcastle Buyers Agent] – Testimonial – Mark & Lisa

I’m Mark and I’m a doctor. And I’m Lisa and I’m a doctor as well.

I looked online and Tiron responded straight away. He was the most approachable. We knew that Tiron was the right guy for the job because he’s local and we weren’t. We had only recently moved to the area.

We then met over coffee and it reinforced my initial perception of Tiron and I did not hesitate in signing him on to be our buyers agent in the hunt for our dream home.

He then over the next few weeks came up with a shortlist of properties that were available on the market and also a few properties that weren’t on the market. His connections were essential in finding and identifying this property.

More often than not, he helped us organise a private inspection so we would have all the time we wanted to have a look at the house in relative freedom without the pressure of too many other people looking at the same property.

So after we identified this particular house, that we really liked and really wanted and made an offer, he also recommended a conveyancer to help us through the process. The recommendation was very, very good in my opinion so that we secured the best terms for our contract.

So he does take time and sit down with you. He’s a good listener. So, we don’t feel, we certainly didn’t feel that it was just a transaction. He really cares. Even after we purchased the property he kept in touch with us. Yeah, so definitely, we’d recommend Tiron to our friends.

More Testimonials – Newcastle Buyers Agent

 If you’re reading this review then you are considering buying property in the Newcastle area and wondering if it’s worth paying for the services of a Buyer’s Agent. Our advice? Engage Tiron! Do it now! We too were initially sceptical. I mean, we’ve bought and sold many properties over the years, it’s not all that hard – why pay someone to do what we’ve successfully done ourselves in the past? Going it alone would have been a big mistake. As it happened, our property was secured off-market and settled 4 months to the day after we initially rang Tiron. Without Tiron’s local knowledge and network of contacts this would never have happened and we would still be looking. He nurtures an extensive local professional network and that delivers clear benefits and value to his clients, whether it be building/electrical/pest inspectors, Conveyancing services, property managers etc. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a home for you and your family or an investment property, a house or a unit, Tiron will listen to your requirements, spend time with you, give you advice, tell you what’s happening or what’s planned for your area of interest and importantly he won’t let you buy a property that isn’t “right” for you.
J& P
Being frustrated and continuously disappointed by viewing and making offers on houses is a common theme in a hot property market like Newcastle. This can lead to overpaying and compromising on what is really important in your home. By using Newcastle Buyers Agent, not only did we get early access to houses on the market, but we had a third party to remind us what was important and what we should be paying. Tiron was a great help in opening up the property market. His in-depth knowledge of Newcastle suburbs as well as his history in real estate meant that his relationship with agents ultimately lead to us securing a property that was right for us at a fair price. Thank you Tiron!

Tiron made the whole process of finding the right property go smoothly. He actively listened to our needs and only presented properties that were suitable. Having Tiron help us meant that the final property we purchased was great value, and I would have no hesitation recommending his services.

Paul & Laura

Tiron worked tirelessly over several months to find my family our home (we gave him some pretty narrow criteria!). Nevertheless, nothing was too much trouble and we now have a home that fits the brief and then some. We started working with Tiron before we moved to the area and it was outstanding having him local to check out properties before they hit the open market. My wife and I found Tiron to be reliable, honest and incredibly knowledgeable on the Newcastle market. p.s. I also highly recommend Tiron to any Defence families looking to buy in the Newcastle area. If you are eligible to claim HPSEA, it is worth a serious look. 

Grant & Louise

Tiron recently assisted me in the purchase of my Newcastle property. I found him to be very professional and diligent in his approach to the search, keeping me informed every step of the way. His local knowledge proved to be extremely valuable in securing the right property at the right price. Thank you again Tiron.


Tiron is exactly what you would want from a buyer’s agent and then some, well actually a lot more. Being from Melbourne and deciding to buy in Newcastle was going to be complicated, but Tiron has made the process and the purchase very hassle free. He knew which areas to look in depending on the budget and where to avoid, where the housing commission houses were and where the up and coming coffee strips were. He was able to inspect the properties before open for inspections and seamed to have great working relationships with local agents, as well as conveyencer, mortgage broker, building inspector, etc. We did not land a bargain but we got a property with exceptionally good return (which he was very accurate in predicting) in a good area on a corner block for which we were prepared to pay more. Tiron advised which repairs would need to be carried out before renting out the property and which can be done in 12 months and followed up everything up to the day of the settlement and was of great help after the settlement. All in all – highly recommended!


Living in Sydney and researching apartments for sale in Newcastle was not easy. I knew the area where I would like to buy but knowing what was a good purchase was difficult. Tiron Manning, Newcastle Buyers Agent, made finding the right one so less stressful. Tiron has an amazing knowledge of real estate in Newcastle. He advised which apartments to avoid due to building problems during construction; which apartments were considered good value for the asking price. This knowledge was very important. Tiron took time to show me around Newcastle and that gave me a good perspective of the city. Nothing was too much trouble. Finding an apartment that I really liked happened rather quickly. Tiron worked behind the scenes and made sure that everything proceeded smoothly. He even put me in touch with a really good conveyancer. Buying without his help would have been so much more difficult. I would highly recommend Newcastle Buyers Agent for a very professional service.


Tiron helped us purchase a property in Georgetown that we wouldn’t have been able to secure without him. Working with Tiron gave us the confidence to make an offer and act fast to ensure we could get the house. Through his relationships with a conveyancer and real estate agent we were able to exchange contracts on the Sunday. This meant the property was in our hands and off the market at a competitive time. He was able to negotiate a fair price for us and helped renegotiate after the building inspection identified some issues. I would highly recommend Tiron to anyone looking to save time and money when buying a home.


Tiron made the house hunting and buying process straightforward, quick and as stress-free as possible. He was very efficient in responding to enquiries and his knowledge of the Newcastle area proved incredibly valuable. I would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him to others.

Having known Tiron for a number of years in Newcastle. I called him when we were looking to get our first home. He took the time to explain everything to me in details and made us very comfortable with what journey we had in front of us. I highly recommend Tiron professionally and personally for anyone looking to get an edge in getting a property.


I have no hesitation at all in recommending Tiron Manning to anyone thinking about buying property in Newcastle. I was a first time buyer, living in Sydney, wanting to buy in Newcastle, knowing very little about the place and feeling really anxious about buying on my own, in a new area with no experience. From the moment I met Tiron I knew I was making the right decision to engage him. He listened and very quickly got to know me, the type of area I’d want to live in, what I would want to be near and the type of house that would suit me. He never wasted my time or pressured me into considering places that didn’t work for me and allowed me the space to wait until the perfect house came along…and it did. When the time came, Tiron and his network of professionals (conveyancer, building inspector etc) worked together so efficiently and quickly to give me a shot at my dream house and it worked. I actually had so much faith in Tiron, and his knowledge of what I would love, that I bought my house without seeing it in person. Tiron made what would have been an incredibly stressful experience, very easy and enjoyable. I walked in the door of my new house for the first time and felt like I was home. I’m still pinching myself that I was lucky enough to buy something so beautiful within my price range. Tiron is without a doubt an investment worth making!


Tiron has an amazing passion for real estate and for the area of Newcastle. Having used his business in the past, I was impressed with his knowledge of Newcastle and surrounding areas. Thanks to his excellent contacts within the industry we were able to have access to many properties and communicate effectively with any real estate agents. I highly recommend using his services.


Tiron was fantastic in helping me secure my first investment property; his knowledge of local area was extremely helpful. He put a good deal of time into learning what I wanted personally from a property and kept this in mind when selecting options. His experience was invaluable; he steered me away from a couple of potentially poor choices and helped me focus on more important aspects regarding investment potential. Given I was away so often, he was able to do much of the groundwork for me including dealing with agents and reviewing properties (much of it via Facetime); I actually put the successful bid on my property whilst overseas! He was (and remains post purchase) very committed to his clients and I would certainly recommend him.