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Tuesday, 26 July

It’s been a while since I last posted the previous two parts, so to recap, the unique market conditions of Newcastle are it has a large amount of flood prone land and that proximity to railway stations is not as desirable as it is in capital cities. The next most important point is availability of […]

Friday, 6 May

Recapping on my previous article I mentioned that in Newcastle, as a buyers agent, I prefer to avoid buying properties close to the railway lines due to noise and dust pollution. While they may seem appealing, for a little more it would be better to buy something a street or two further away. If that doesn’t […]

Friday, 29 April

For sometime now, the property market in Sydney has been out of reach for the average investor. Most are heading up the F3 Freeway or M1 Motorway as it is known as now to explore what value they get for their dollars in the Newcastle market. The most common brief I get for people investing […]