Before You Speak to a Buyers Agent

Hi, I’m Tiron from Newcastle Buyers Agent. I’d like to touch on a little point about what you should speak about when talking to a buyers agent; what should you have in your mind or what questions should you be having prepared when talking to a buyers agent.

You’ll also need to have a clear picture of what type of property that you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a home, is it going to be a house, a villa, a townhouse, an apartment, a unit or a flat. They’re all different properties. They all have different price points. They all have different benefits and disadvantages. So, have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in terms of that.

Then you need to know how much can you afford.

Have you spoken to a mortgage broker or your local banker?
Have you spoken to your financial planner?
Have you spoken to your accountant?

These are very key people to speak to before you even think about buying a property whether using a buyers agent or not. Make sure you have those conversations and be prepared that you may not like the information that they tell you, they may not have all the answers for you or you may not be able to spend as much as you like, so when you have that information come to you, still go and speak to the buyers agent and see if there’s another way.

If you can’t borrow as much, what can you buy?
Instead of buying a 3-bedroom house, can you afford a 2-bedroom house in that area?
Or are you going to be limited to a unit in that area?
And is that going to be the best property for you in your property search?

Have that conversation with the buyers agent. Is that still going to be a benefit to you for the strategy that you’re looking to achieve.

Probably the most important is, why are you buying a property for? If it’s a home, yes it’s somewhere to live in but you’ve got to be thinking more than just the immediate.

If you’re a young couple, are you planning to have kids?
Where is this property in relation to the nearest school?
Where is it in relation to work?

If you’re retired, is it close to specialists or other facilities that you want to participate in or activities?

If you’re a young family, are you looking for something that’s close to parks that are safe?
Are you looking for access to after school activities or childcare or day care facilities?

All these are important questions that all form part of the fabric of buying a property. If you’re going to talk to a buyers agent to help you, try and have a little list written down before you meet and that will make the meeting a lot easier and you’ll find you’ll get a lot more information as to whether they’re going to be the right person to work with you if they’re willing to share some of that insight to help you build a clearer picture of the property that you need to buy or want to buy and how that’s going to fit into your budget.

Thanks again for watching and if you’d like more information please get in via the contact form.


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