Why Use A Buyers Agent

Professional representation is often thought of as a necessity for many important tasks in our lives. We have an accountant for completing our tax returns, a solicitor to look after our legal dealings and when we sell a home, a real estate agent to act on our behalf. Why is buying a property any different? The reason is that buyer’s agency is still a fairly fresh concept in the property realm, especially one that specialises in the Newcastle Real Estate market. Purchasing property is the largest financial transaction the average person will ever make. As with any investment, there is always a risk. It is the role of a buyer’s agent to minimise some of that risk during the purchase process.

How does a buyer’s agent minimise risk? Newcastle Buyer’s Agent sources properties from across the entire marketplace. Whether you are looking for a home or investment, you will have access to the whole market, not just what a salesperson has on their books. A buyer’s agent is paid by the buyer and is therefore bound to protect their interests. So they have no vested interested in whether you buy one property or another. Most property buyers only buy or sell every ten years or so, sometimes even longer. Newcastle Buyers Agent is happy to work with buyers from all backgrounds or experience levels.

Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Principal Tiron Manning has many years of property industry experience and a is Novocastrian (born and raised in Newcastle), Tiron’s broad local knowledge is hard to beat. The difference between a good street and a bad street in an area can have a drastic effect on the value of a property. Employing a local like Newcastle Buyers Agent to guide you through the Newcastle Real Estate market is essential to your successful property purchase.

Deciphering the real estate industry jargon especially the local colloquialisms can be challenging and most are too embarrassed to ask for the fear of sounding stupid. Purchasing a property is a stressful process and can be daunting if you aren’t sure of the process. Having been involved in dozens of transactions over the years, on both sides, means you can be confident that you have a professional looking after your transaction.

If you are relocating to Newcastle or are buying in the area for the first, Newcastle Buyers Agent can put you in touch with the right industry related connections that have come from working with them for a long period of time. We don’t receive kickbacks from these firms, just excellent and sometimes preferential service. Have a look at the webpage for more details.

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