How Does a Buyers Agent Add Value?

Hi, I’m Tiron from Newcastle Buyers Agent and I’d like to talk to you today about how a buyers agent will add value to you in your property transaction.

Firstly, a buyers agent is a qualified professional and they usually have many years of experience of working in the residential property market. This can give you an advantage when you’re buying a property especially if you haven’t done it for a while and they’ll know the process, be able to guide you through it so that you can get the right outcome.

Not many everybody will have a buyers agent. Many people don’t even know what a buyers agent is. When you’re in a property transaction, and you’re negotiating, the person you’re negotiating is doing this job every day. It’s often wise to engage the services of someone who’s a little bit more experienced than yourself and get them to act on your behalf.

Engaging the services of a buyers agent can take the emotion out of the transaction so rather than getting tied up or worn out or frustrated, you have someone else that’s taking that burden off you and dealing in the transaction purely on a transactional basis not on an emotional level.

If you try and do it on your own, you might find it far more stressful than having someone who’s doing this every day, every week, every month.

A few people that I’ve worked for have gone on video and provided a video testimonial which you can see if you haven’t seen already. A common element that you’ll get out of those videos, and the feedback that I get and my colleagues get, is how much easier the process has been by using my services or the services of a buyers agent to get that property they want sooner and with less hassle.


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