Buying On a Busy Road

Hi, it’s Tiron from Newcastle Buyers Agent.

I spotted an article online the other day about buying on a busy road.

My preference is to avoid buying on busy roads as best you can but there are some benefits of buying on a busy road.

They are:

if you work from home it gives you good exposure
houses on busy roads are a little bit cheaper
they sell more often

This means you may find yourself being able to buy into a suburb that you didn’t think you could afford.

The other thing about buying on a busy road is it’s often the most direct way to get around and out to where you need to be. However, if there are traffic restrictions, this could lead to being in a far less convenient location. That could add a lot more time to your trip than simply buying in the next suburb.

Another thing to consider is it can sometimes get hard or dangerous to get out of your driveway. The noise factor is probably the most obvious reason why buyers avoid busy roads. Look for a house where the main bedroom is away from the road if you are a light sleeper. While they say you get used to the noise, you may want to minimise it first. Go back later it might be a little bit quieter than when it’s the school pick up.

If you bought on a busy road, just factor in a little bit of extra time to sell as properties on busy roads tends to take a little longer to sell than those in quieter streets.

This was a couple of tips and ideas for when buying on a busy road.


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