Using a Local Buyer’s Agent vs Using an Outsider

Hi, it’s Tiron from Newcastle Buyers Agent. Just want to send out a short message about why you should use a local buyers agent.

We’re in the area every day. We know which property is in the right spot, the right street, the right location to make sure that you get the right property for the purpose of what you’re wishing to buy it for.

We also have better relationships with the local real estate agents. They know who we are, they know how we operate and they have a level of trust with us as opposed to someone who may be considered an outsider.

If a property’s coming to market in a very short space of time, a local buyers agent is going to be able to get to that property sooner than someone who is from out of the area and has to reschedule or travel an hour and a half or two hours to get to the property.

The local agent is then able to see the property quicker. You’re able to make a decision on it quicker and regardless of whether the property is going to market or not, you’re going to already be ten steps ahead of everybody else.


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