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If you are considering an upgrade or looking to relocate to Newcastle, our property concierge service may be for you. Newcastle Buyers Agent has assisted a number of buyers to purchase a home in the Newcastle area in the $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 price bracket. While this doesn’t mean I am unable to assist you if you are above or below these figures, it is the typical bracket I find people searching within to upgrade or relocate to Newcastle for a sea-change from Sydney.

Newcastle has a diverse range of options and the confusing part for those not familiar with the area is how there can be such huge differences in prices within the same suburb. For example, Merewether has a entry level of about $600,000 for a small house up to over $3,000,000. How do you know which is the right part of the suburb to live in or which is best for your circumstances? You can spend the time yourself researching and then find yourself in a highly competitive buying environment or you can engage the services of Newcastle Buyers Agent.

Newcastle Buyers Agent can help you buy a prestige home in your desired area without the usual hassles of chasing real estate agents, wasting time looking at unsuitable homes or worse still finding the home of you dreams and miss out because of work commitments. Due to Newcastle Buyers Agent having an extensive network of contacts within the property industry, we often find out about property before it hits the market giving you the opportunity to secure a property without competition. While we can carry out the usual investigations for you, our property concierge service delivers a high level of service such as picking you up from work or the airport to show you through pre-arranged inspections or open for inspections and dropping you either back to work or to your hotel. This allows you time to ask any questions you have while on the way (saving time) and in some cases saving your car space!

When the time comes to sign contracts, I can bring them to your office, home or wherever is convenient to save you the hassle of taking time off work or out of your business. I can drop off cheques for the deposit to the estate agent or take you to the bank so can do an electronic transfer should this be necessary. Basically assist in anyway to make the transaction as smooth and hassle free as possible. Once we are in settlement I can organise tradespeople or almost anyone you need to make the transition easier. Just like a concierge except for buying a property.

If you are having difficulty upgrading to your next home, Newcastle Buyers Agent isn’t just for people outside of Newcastle, I help locals too. Contact me on 0438502371 to find out how.



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