Do Real Estate Sales Agents Like Buyers Agents?

Hi, I’m Tiron from Newcastle Buyers Agent.

A question I get asked quite a lot is, “Do real estate agents or real estate sales agents like buyers agents? And do they like working with buyers agents?”

It is a funny question because some agents don’t. They don’t get it. They don’t get that a buyers agent is there to help the buyer to buy the property but that in turn, kind of takes care of half of their job once the deal’s been negotiated so the ones that do get it, the ones that do appreciate having a professional representing the buyer, will actively seek out a buyers agent when they’ve got new property to put to market. This is what buyers agents refer to as ‘off-market listings’ or ‘silent listings’ that they have access to because agents like working with them and if they’ve got a good reputation with the real estate agents, they’ll have more access to these types of listings and have more access to sales agents than a buyers agent who has rubbed a few the wrong way or caused a few headaches.

When talking to the buyers agent, find out what they do to seek out off-market or silent listings.

How proactive are they about building rapport or relationships with real estate agents so that they can create these opportunities for their clients?
What else are they doing beyond that to find opportunities for their clients?
Are they receiving fees from the sales agent?

Buyers agents that are members of the Real Estate Buyers Agent Association of Australia or REBAA, we don’t accept fees for referrals through sales agents so it’s important that the buyers agent that you’re working with is independent, impartial and is acting purely in your own best interests.

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