What is a Buyer’s Agent?

Have you ever wondered what a buyers agent is?

One of the questions I get asked often is, ‘What do I do, how much do I charge, and how am I going to benefit you when buying a home or investment?’

A buyers agent represents a buyer in a property transaction. Most of you would be familiar with the sales agent; they represent the vendor selling the property. A buyers agent will help you find the property, negotiate the property and take you through the process right through to settlement. And if you need help after settlement, they’ve typically got a large network of contacts so that they can help make that property purchase a lot easier process.

The popularity of buyers agents has only become more prominent with TV shows like The Block and Location, Location, Location. Now, people are releasing they can afford a buyers agent too in their own area. In Newcastle, it’s a fairly new area for a buyers agency and one of the main benefits is having a local, experienced property professional helping you through the process and getting you the right result and not just any result.

A lot of feedback that we get as buyers agents is how much easier it is to buy a property when they have a buyers agent on their side. Some may have bought before in the past or some have been trying to buy on their own for a period of time before they come to a buyers agent and we don’t mind helping either type of buyer. But at the end of the day, the main feedback that we get is how much easier it was to have someone represent them when they were buying a property.

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