Why Use a Buyer’s Agent Even If You’re a Local

Hi, it’s Tiron from Newcastle Buyers Agent. I’d like to talk to you today about why you should use a buyers agent even if you are local.

In the market, a vendor is almost always represented by an agent. However, the majority of buyers are not. So you’ll give yourself an edge against any competition who doesn’t have an agent representing them as a buyer. This is especially important if you’re looking to try and secure a property quickly or have had experiences in the past where you’ve missed out on a property that you’ve really liked.

A buyers agent can often find out about properties before they become advertised even if they’re not advertised and give you an opportunity to buy a property that you may not have heard about ordinarily.

A buyers agent is also a trained negotiator. When you are looking at purchasing a property you are dealing with someone who negotiates day in and day out. A buyers agent takes that emotion out of that negotiation as well, so you’re one step back and able to allow someone to negotiate for you based on logic not emotion.

A buyers agent not only has access to properties before they go to market, they also have the time to follow up property and check it out before you go to it on the weekend and realise you’ve just wasted another weekend looking at properties that are not suitable. A buyers agent will save you a lot of time by only presenting properties to you that best meet your brief and guide you to something that you might not have first considered.

Keep in mind, a local buyers agent might have a number of different services, whether it’s just for a single property or an auction or a situation where you want to locate the properties but you need help with the rest of the process. Instead of settling, you can be satisfied.


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