Why Newcastle?


I’m Tiron. I’m a Newcastle based buyers agent. I’m here to give you a helping hand to get ahead in the Newcastle property market.

If you’re looking for a home, investment or a small development, I’m going to be the one to get you there quicker and with less stress.

I really enjoy the lifestyle of being able to drive 20 mins basically anywhere. The city’s changed dramatically. We’ve got high rises on the beach, we’ve got cafes, restaurants and wine bars that we can all enjoy in our spare time. It’s made being and living in Newcastle, working in Newcastle, such a great experience.

There’s going to be billions of dollars of investments in Newcastle over the next five to ten years. With the sale of our port lease, the relocation of the University of Newcastle campus into our CBD, we’ve got a great opportunity here for people to set up their lives, invest and build a future for themselves.

I work solely for the buyer in a property transaction and being based in Newcastle, I’m able to help people who are relocating or looking to invest in the greater Newcastle region, including the Lake Macquarie local government area as well.

What I love about being a buyers agent is being able to help people find the right property in the right area. If they’re looking to find a home that’s in a safe area or close to good schools or they’re looking for an investment that’s going to grow and provide them with a steady income, I’m the guy to come and see.

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