Where it Began

When I was younger, my parents were looking for a property for their second home. We were moving from Mayfield into something a bit bigger for us kids to run around and kick a ball around. We went through probably about 100 different houses. I can’t remember them all but I remember going through so many houses and it was so exciting, walking around and, “Look at this! Imagine what we could do with this place.”

Then the next step once we did find a place to move to was they decided rather than renovate it, they’d knock it down and start again, so that meant going through even more houses and seeing some of these areas and going through a lot of these different homes, it kind of sparked a bit of a passion.

I wanted to be in business for myself from late in high school. Then in year 10, I had the opportunity to work at a local real estate agent office for work experience for a week. I loved it. Crusing around, all dressed up, real sharp, going and looking at houses. Back in those days, and it makes me sound old, it was when multi-list was big. They’d do a multi-list caravan which meant all the agents would come around and look through dozens and dozens of houses all in one day and I just thought, ‘This is the great thing ever! You know, where do I sign up!’


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